Palmer Finally….

So my stinker is currently camping with the rest of our family, and I am at home. I just logged into my Facebook before going to bed and was tagged in one of my brother’s pictures and it was of stink’s tooth! He finally lost that sucker! It took what seemed like forever for him to lose this tooth. Hopefully he puts it under his pillow tonight and will have some money tomorrow when he wakes up! I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and hear all about it!

As I had said in my previous post, I am going to work on blogging everyday again. These next few days they will be short because I will be camping with the rest of the family and the wifi isn’t all that great, but we will do our best!
Oh and happy July 1st! We are already halfway through the year! Can you believe it?! I can’t!


PS-if you were wondering if I finished all the other blog posts, the answer is no, I’m still working on that. I’ve been having issues uploading the photos from my phone. They will eventually be published though!

Oh and the settings for this post are probably all messed up, I am typing it on my phone! I’ll fix it later!

Now What?

Hello all!

It has been a very, VERY long time since I have posted on this blog. For those of you that don’t know, I studied abroad this past spring semester, so I wasn’t with Palmer for 10 whole weeks. I left for Spain on March 6th and came home on May 16th. So I have been home for a few weeks, but I am still getting into the routine of things and settling completely back in. However, I am hoping to get this blog back up and running again in July. That gives me a few weeks to finish up my study abroad blog, videos & albums, along with the missing posts up until I left for Spain on this blog (there are 23 for this blog; eeek!). If I finish all of those things before July, then I will start taking pictures of Stinker everyday again and sharing his life with y’all. Finishing all of those tasks mean I will have plenty of storage space on my phone again, because currently it is still full of study abroad pictures!

To give you an update of Stink’s current life it would be: Summer, summer & summer. He succesfully finished kindergaten and is now a first grader! He had a blast at his graduation (I have pictures from this day, I will share them later) and he has been enjoying his summer. He just got a pass to go to Knott’s Soak City & Knott’s Berry Farm, so he has been spending his days there. Last week he also finally learned to swim and is an amazing swimmer now! He loves the pool, well our aunt & uncle’s pool! He is still obsessed with “butter & noodles”, Minecraft, and hot wheels. He also is obsessed with cars now, like actual, physical, full-sized cars. So much so, that if we are driving down the street and he spots a car that he likes, he makes us try to capture a picture of it. Palmer also has his first majorly loose tooth! He just showed it to us a few hours ago and was super excited about it! I will definitely share with y’all if he loses that tooth!


This is from when I first saw Stinker after landing & being picked up at the airport!


This is my little funny Stinker, we met up with some old friends and decided to take a few selfies!

I hope this is a good, brief update for you all!

Can’t wait until I am back to posting daily for you!


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Stinker Wants to Hide in my Suitcase

This morning Stinker was watching a movie and eating top ramen.



After he finished, he started to play Minecraft.

Then I went out to breakfast with my friend and when I cam back he was still playing Minecraft.

I had to get a raincoat, so my dad & I went on a hunt to find one!

We finally ended up at REI in Tustin, an hour later than we had anticipated because we got a flat tire.

Which isn’t that big of a deal, but the jack that came with our car wasn’t working.

When we finally came home, Stinker was STILL playing Minecraft!

I left my house again, this time to go out to dinner with my aunt, uncle & cousin.

When I came home for the LAST time, it was time for me to start packing.

Stinker decided to lay in my suitcase.


He said he wanted to hide in it, and go to Spain with me…

I had to tell him he couldn’t do that and he was definitely sad.


Charlotte’s Web

When I woke up, Stinker was playing Minecraft & eating breakfast.



He was eating donut holes!


Then Stinker went into the backyard and helped Trenton & dad work on all the cars!

Trenton’s car was having major issues… and my car & mom’s car needed oil changes.

Stinker was out there pretty much the whole day getting all dirty and helping them.

I stayed inside with Zoe and her friend.

Then in the early afternoon I had to run an errand.

When I came home Stinker was inside playing Minecraft again!

He had pasta for dinner and mom & dad had a concert to attend after dinner so we were on babysitting duty.

Zoe & I watched Grace Unplugged while Stinker played Minecraft.

Then we all watched Charlotte’s Web.

It was Palmer’s movie choice and he was extremely excited to watch it!

He is reading Charlotte’s Web at school.


During the movie Stink & I held hands.


When the movie was over, Stinker didn’t want to go to bed so we started Cake Boss.

And well he passed out…

Like this…


He loves being under the pillows!


Cookies after School…

Today when Stinker got home from school he stole some cookies!



Our mom actually made them over the weekend and they are SO good!

Here’s the recipe:

A few hours after school, Isaac the neighbor came over.

This happened…


Minecraft & Minecraft research!

For dinner we had teriyaki chicken and rice!


Stinker loved it!


Dancing Sort of Night…

Today has been a day full of errands, and just randomness.

For Stinker, it was pretty fun. He played with Isaac for a good chunk of the day…


Had In-N-Out for dinner…


Watched some shows on Netflix on our mom & dad’s bed…


And then finished his night off with a dance party in our living room!





By the end of this dance party, Isaac & Stinker both hid behind our couch as a major breather.


They were having so much fun, and Stinker was a little sad to have to say goodbye to Isaac for the night..


Lego Bomb.

Let’s just say Palmer’s day went from Minecraft…


(Do you see my sock monkey behind him? It went to Spain with me! Pictures here: )

To a health snack of green grapes…


To a Lego bomb with Isaac.


Stinker got some new lego’s and he decided it was time to test them out!

He also go this very creepy stuffed animal today…


It seriously creeps me out!


Guitar is Still in Hand…

Yesterday I shared with you the news that Stinker got a guitar!

Well when he got home from school he immediately grabbed it and sat down like this.


He won’t leave it alone for too long..


When he did finally leave it alone, he sat down next to me and watched a show on my iPad.


Our mom was braiding bracelets for his class, which is why there is string and scissors next to him.


A Guitar for Stink!

Zoe gave Stinker her old guitar and he was extremely excited!

He immediately started playing with it.



What I didn’t take a picture of, was Zoe, she was playing her new guitar on behind me.

It was cute seeing the two of them both playing.

I had a long day of classes and homework so that’s all from today!


Fish Taco’s!

When I came home from my classes this little creation was on our table. 



Stinker made it this morning with mom.

Those spikes are actually incense!

Then Stinker and Jude came home…



They played Minecraft of course!

With the leftover fish from last night…we had fish taco’s for dinner!



This picture is of Stink mid-eating. 

Which explains the blurriness!

After dinner Stinker played some more Minecraft.




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